Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Almost lost.......

A chance meeting on the Taff Trail with the evergreen Nick Dallimore reminded me that some orienteering was to had over the 22/23rd October weekend. It had been a good year or two since I'd done a 'proper' event, so sunday saw some venturing up the old 'heads of the vallies' road to Clydach Terraces. This area was mapped only a few years ago and is a technical navigators dream, being a chaotic rambling mass of contour lines set amongst an area of old tips and open moorland.

I went for the 'Brown' course to get maximum value out of the days fun. Needless to say my lacl of recent orienteering showed, and whilst I navigated ok I wasn't very sharp, and ended up in the lower quarter of the field... but it was great! As ever very well organised and very friendly. If interested visit SWOC's website.

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