Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Teifi Tour 2011

Warm up!
The Teifi Tour is a weekend festival centred on canoeing the Afon Teifi. Normally this is a weekend spent competeing in the OMM mountain marathon, but this years event was in Scotland - I didn't fancy the trek up north and nobody had asked me to partner them! Thus I went for a day of the Tour, joining my fellow Glam Boaters.

Laura in 'action' shot!
The event is well organised with shuttle buses taking you to various drop off points on the River. saturday saw a mixed bag group of 15 of us doing the Grade 2 section back to Llandysul.  A slow but steady journey was had as we quitely floated downstream and introducing our newer faces to the joys of moving water.

After a chilly and damp lunch stop back at the camp, some nine of use continued with the grade3 section through Llandysul, whilst others in the group got the raft out. The whitewater course section through the village is great fun, but we had a few swimmers on the way. Eventually we arrived at 'the Cauldron'. Here we stopped to watch a steady stream of canoeists paddle this 3+ rapis with about a 20% swim rate, but with good bank cover on hand! Most of the group went for an attempt at the rapid, and most made it! All came out smiling.

Pete learning fast....
Time was now against us - we didn't have time to get to the next pick out point about 3 miles downstream so opted to carry the boats back to base. However the river was now quite and we counldn't resist a final run down the course, enjoying a good play on the way :-)

Big rubber fun ?!
By now the weather had become really crap again. For the rest it was a night of feasting and drinking and attempting to sleep in a sodden tent amongst many drunken students... for me it was a pretty horrendous drive back to Cardiff.

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