Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A fettle in Cwm Dwr Quarry Cave

A bit of a tough weekend has just past. Not from physical challenge but from fighting some damned bug (well virus). Whilst not bed ridden, the original plan for a run on the hills with my good caving mate Martin Groves and our dogs was out of the window. It didn't help being at the South Wales Caving club for the weekend for fireworks and fine ale......... the subsequent late night and beer didn't help with a cure!

Desperate to do something 'useful' I quietly slip on caving kit and disappear for a couple hours on my own into the entrance area of Cwm Dwr Qaurry Cave. Part of the plan was to do some 'beastie hunting' - basically looking for small miserable spiders living in the entrance zones of caves (something I do some research on). The other was to spend some time getting my cave photography head back on and sorting the reliability of the photo kit, particular to properly trial some cheap radio slaves I recently bought.

I settle on a nice calcite column in a section of passage on the main route through the cave as a the subject matter of my testing. The images on the right show some of the attempts messing with flash positions and getting to grips with setting up for solo cave photography. However I do need to invest in some micro tripods for the flashes as positioning these where you actually want them is the key problem when you are on your own.

Whilst not the greatest of cave shots it was a useful hour fettling with the kit, plus I didn't have to worry about other people hanging around getting cold!

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