Monday, 14 November 2011

Deeper on down.......

Pwll Dwfn is the only 'proper' pothole in South Wales. A series of around 5 pitches drops down around 80m with the cave finishing at a pool. Many divers have splurged around in this pool hoping to spot a potential way on, and many plans hatched on how to dig it. Recently a team of divers, spurred by enthusiasm from Gareth Davies, have gone to considerable effort to set an airlift system to excavate a way through the silt and gravel in the pool. Sunday I joined in the fun but primarily to try and take a few pictures of the dig front action but also to offer to drag some of the empty cyclinders back out!

Gareth begins the first dive inspecting progress before the visibility is lost.

Return from the first inspection - more digging required!

Visibility in the pool soon deteriorates especially once the airlift gets going.

Chris Minton at the base of he last pitch.

Mike Barnes coming to join the fun after starting the airlift compressor.

Chris Minton in the short section of passage between the final pitch chamber and the pool on his way to take his turn diving.

Chris and Malcolm Stewart at work.

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