Monday, 10 October 2011

Ogof Ffynnon Ddu ramblings.....

An early picture of 'The Junction' in Ogof ffynnon Ddu 1
I sometimes forget how good caving can be. With the general balancing of work, family and play some months can pass without a caving trip. The weekend just gone had seen a large gathering at the South Wales Caving Club to raise funds for the recent purchase of the land around the bottom entrance to the Ogof Ffynnon Ddu cave system.

The good thing about such weekends is you catch up with old friends. On this ocassion I arrive, sort sleeping arrangements and let the kids loose before tagging onto a trip with old friends Tim and Lou, and another of the Oxford Uni Caving mob, Simon. A fabulous social trip ensues - nothing serious - just a general plod from OFD1 to the middle entrance Cwm Dwr. Some furtling around in various places along the way, and some 'cave beastie' spoting - looking for Proasellus and Niphargus (true cave dwelling crustacea) in pools and streams along the way.

The Nether Rawl in Cwm Dwr taken some 20 years ago by the late Giles Barker
A few hours of caving and then a run across Pant Mawr moor and back with another friend and our dogs, before getting back to roast pig and real ale. Now that makes for a pretty fabulous day.

Heol Eira in Cwm Dwr. Technically Industrial pollution from an old lime kiln!

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