Sunday 18 November 2012

Voyage of the Dawn Treaders......

Finally a weekend arrives where some sea paddling becomes viable again! An excellent forecast sees Taran come up with an ambituous paddling plan - Sully to Steep Holm, then across the Brean Down and back.... oh and we had to be on the water by 7.00am. Early start then.

A dawn start................

Stuart and Eurion joined us for the fun so I with some serious seakayaking expertise. The morning was cold and clear and twilight was in the sky as we gathered the boats on the beach. As we set off the causeway to Sully Island had only just flooded, and some sporty tidal waves greated us as we past the island. Taran returned through the waves for seconds!
As we paddled out on a wide vector for Steep Holm island we were greated by a superb sunrise. Soon we became pretty spread out, with me gradually starting to lag behind the others - think I need a faster boat or bigger arm muscles......

Sunrise on the water

Steepholm in the distance

A quick stop is made on Steepholm to stretch the legs and empty the bladder. However our intended destination is looking less likely. We were later on the water than ideal, and were running out of time before the tide turned. We paddled on for about a mile, but decided the better option was to turn round and use the tide to get us to Flatholm.

Mist caps Steepholm as we turn to head for Flatholm

A following sea and some lumpy waters made the ride to Flatholm fun. A stop was made to stretch legs and scoff some fodder, and whilst on the island we met up with another paddler Hywel who joined us for the journey back. By the time we set of again the tide had well and truly turned and flatholm had soon whizzed past, though in the wrong direction. A hard paddle angle was needed to cross the tide and return to Sully Island without missing it!

Preparing to leave Flatholm

Stuart playing in the tidal race around one of the Cardinal bouys

Soon we're in the calmer waters at the back of Sully Island., and its still only midday. A good trip, cheers guys.


  1. I've just commented on Taran's blog so thought I should do on yours too. Nice to meet up again. You might find your name mentioned on my blog from several years ago, though I've not checked. You'll have to learn Welsh or use Google Translate though:
    I hope we'll meet up again.


  2. It was good to meet again! I remember that Usk trip fondly (mainly for not capsizing at Mill falls - fortunately I've learn to roll since...). I'll have a look at the blog - I tend to read Welsh better than I can speak it so be good practise.