Friday, 30 November 2012

Autumns End.........

Last official day of Autumn - winter from here! Weathers looking pretty OK so its a flexiday off work and a late afternoon run on the hill with the dog......

I go for the classic Central Beacons loop. Easy to get to and it will be quite on a friday afternoon. Park up at Storey Arms, up to Corn Du, Pen Y Fan and Cribyn. Down the Gap road then across the valley at the reservoir to regain the ridge and back to Y Gwynt. Then down the 'toilet track' and back to the car.

Up the track alongside Storey Arms, with Fan Fawr just holding onto a wisp of cloud.

Banks of cloud swirl over the col between the classic flat tops of Corn Du and Pen y Fan.

Looking back towards Corn Du from Pen y Fan.

The flat summits are an ancient seafloor. How many walk across these tops but never notice the fossilised sand waves under their feet?

Still water at the reservoir before beginning the return leg of the run.

Cloud hugs the side of the ridge and the main peaks, highlighting further the texture and shapes of the landscape.

The sun sets as I run along the ridge. Cloud obscures the view on the horizon.........

....though a final glimpse of the last sun of autumn is just gained as it sinks behind the distant hills.

Looking back west across the Brecon Beacons from Y Gwynt.

Dog at dusk.

A final view of last light before the final run off the hill and back home. A definate 'Autumns End'.


  1. Lovely pictures, must get up the Beacons again, haven't been up in years. The amount of times I've been up there and I haven't noticed that sea bed. Mind you the last few time's it's been covered in snow. That must be the fittest dog in the world.

  2. Cheers Stu - The ripples are really good on Pen y Fan so worth looking out for. The Central Beacons are certainly a great place but I tend to visit them at strange hours when the area is quite! Weather looking fab for a kayak this w/e - sadly busy with other stuff....

  3. Lovely Atmospheric Pics Dude ;D