Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ardeche Caving Part2: Exploring the Peyrejal

The Event de Peyrejal is part of an extensive system linked via long sections of submerged cave. Our trip took us into part of the system now gained via the dry 'entree artificielle'. A small hole covered by a rough bit of metal and a rock dropped us into a series of short pitches for which an 80m was almost enough to get to the bottom (a short piece of rope is useful for the last short descent which the 80 reached but didn't go down!).

From here you can explore a fine series of phreatic passages, most ending (for the dry caver) in sumps. Carbon dioxide levels are also noticeable in parts of the cave. Generally the caving is pretty straight forward, although there is the odd awkward climb to deal with. The passages are very sculptural and if you look carefully there are some great fossils to be found in the rock, whilst a couple of species of cave beetle were also spotted wandering around.

Last short descent into the cave

Looking downstream (?) towards a sump

Ammonite fossils in the cave floor

Superb phreatic passage

Iain Miller enjoying a fine borehole type passage!

Just up passage from the entrance pitches


Enjoying close to 40C heat after a caving trip - damned hot!

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