Monday, 18 June 2012

Caving Miscellany .....

A collection of images from some recent trips.......

Malcolm Stewart enjoying the 'connection' on the Ogof Draenen Round Trip. Malcolm was part of the digging team that discovered this cave in the early nineties. The system now has around ninety kilometers of known passage. 

Martin 'Lump' Groves in Otter Hole entrance series. We were meant to be doing a carry trip to take cylinders to the end of the cave for future dive exploration. Sadly very high spring tides the previous week (the entrance series is in the banks of the River Wye near Chepstow and thus affected by tides!) had flooded some of the entrance passages normally unaffected and they had remained flooded. We barely got 80m into the cave!
Taken on a 'Billy no mates' solo trip in the Top Entrance series of Ogof Ffynnon Ddu. Picture taken using a short exposure and the light from a LED bike light.


  1. ummm looks a bit tight some of those. Solo trip a bit risky aint it, guessing you aint got no signal down there to call for help. Do you ever take newbies along quite fancy having a go one day?

    1. Happy to sort some caving out sometime Stuart!