Saturday, 17 March 2012

Surf and turf

With a good surf forecast decided to catch up with Taran and Noel for a spot of surf training at Aberavon beach. My surf technique is pretty hopeless so this was deemed a good opportunity and to start to get a feel for surf techniques in a sea boat. Pictures stolen from Taran....he'd brough his big canon with biggg lense :-)

Heaps of airtime had by all getting beyond the break - yee ha!

And whilst in many of the shots it looked as hough I knew what i was doing......

 The reality was I spent alot of the time the wrong way up or perfecting bongo sliding...........

And Noel scored he most style points of the day! Great stuff and lots learnt.

Malcolm reunited with 'Copper'.
The day didn't finish here though as on getting home I had a cave rescue callout.... for a dog rescue (in fact we got two on the same day. So a few of us from the cave rescue team met the dog owner near some old tips on the edge of Merthyr. The dog was last seen in an old mine adit. Now old coal mines are bad news - loose, dangerous and real issues with bad air. However this adit was in shale and seemed fairly stable. We quickly explored the human accessible parts but no sight or sound of the dog. However one of the team, Ali, suggested the owner came into the adit for a quick look for his piece of mind. So donned with helmet and light we took the owner in and got him to shout down the small holes. At the end of the adit was a standing sized chamber with two very small holes going off. Malcolm (the owner) called for the dog, - nothing - then again - a small sound, the suddenly the dog appears out of one of the holes! Successful mission and a happy dog and owner!

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