Sunday, 15 January 2012

Flatholm in the dark!

Sorting Kit at Sully
Taran had this stupid idea - lets paddle to Flatholm at night! Yeh why not came the reply from at least three of us. Thus a friday night in the carpark by the 'Captains Wife' pub at Sully sees four of us fettling kit and sorting seakayaks and bemusing the locals poping to the pub. Both Taran and Stuart have excellent writeups and better pictures on their blogs so I wont bore with more details !

Taran in his element!

Stuart enjoying the night
Moonrise on Flatholm
The moonlight was superb on the paddle back.
The paddle out was a bit lumpy in a few places which was very surreal in the dark as you didn't really know what was coming. However once past Sully Island things flatten out and we made good progress under a cold and clear night sky.

We briefly landed on flatholm to have a quick leg stretch. Here we were treated to a superb moonrise. However time was pressing and a tide turning so it was time to head back under a rising moon - very atmospheric.

All in all and excellent evenings adventure with great company. Definately to be repeated!

Our route - stolen from Stuarts blog!

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  1. Taran had this stupid idea???
    Why do I always get the blame, Stuart was just as keen ;D

    1. True - But it was a quality 'stupid' idea so be happy to take all the glory! ;-)Besides I was stupid enough to want to go along with it......!!??