Monday, 12 December 2011

Moonlight running

Todays original adventure plan had been for an epic sea paddle with Taran, but alas the timing belt on his fan decided to snap giving him a severe mobility and financial problem in one hit. 
Summit of Pen y Fan in the moonlight.
So advantage was taken of the fine weather to earn some 'brownie points' and catch up with tasks about home and garden, but with the cunning plan to drag the dog out for a run later on. 
That later on was just after sunset, as myself and hound set off up Pen y Fan in the tail end of the dusk twilight. A steady plod using night vision and light from the rising moon gained the classic summits of Corn Du and Pen y Fan. 

As usual the wind on these tops was much stronger, with a keen bite. The tops themselves had a dusting of snow, and the surrounding landscape had a dispersed moonglow to it as th moon tried to shine through the thin cloud.

I stopped to try to take some pictures, but a keen wind and a lack of gloves (as well as tripod) soon won over from photo creativity! So the dog lead was grabbed and steady pace back down the hill made, this time with torchlight as well, in an attempt to blast some warmer blood into the hands!

Looking back from the base of the 'toilet carpark' track
A short but magic run, with only the dog for company... the things you have to do to get a Pen y fan to yourself!

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