Saturday, 10 September 2011

Gornergratz glacier, Zermatt: exploring the moulins...part2

This large Moulin was the last one we explored on this trip. This was located on one of the side glaciers as it joined the Gornergratz glacier.

Martin starting the rig down on the second visit - its about 3.00am and following an evening of thunderstorms although the weather had now cleared and water levels dropped so we went for it.

Martin is about halfway down at this point. Water flows off to the right of the picture in a rift. Picture shows a change in the ice from the freeze/thaw shattered upper layers to hard. Compact and clear ice lower down.

Sam enjoying the wet and cold rift at the bottom. Lots of the rigging was done on threads here - or 'abbaoffs' as we called them.

This back-lite shot gives an indication of the clarity of the ice.

Getting up and down these rifts proved a bit tight and damp in places - Chris clearly enjoying the experience. We came out to dawn light flooding the shaft - very beautiful but by this time the camera, flashs and radio slaves had given up due to the cold and damp of the place. We were getting keen to get out as well!

Martin also had further adventures in the glacier on a return trip in October 2011 - good write up by one of the participants, Henry, here.
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